Consumer Questions

1. Will this affect the status of my current rewards programs with individual merchants?


You should not lose any of your current status or points with all participating merchants in this rewards program. The merchants will transfer all points to the new ID, it should be transparent.

2. Does this cost anything?

Yes – It is up to the individual merchant if they charge a nominal ancillary participation fee per transaction to participate in their rewards programs. This would help to offset costs related to maintaining the current program if they charge this ancillary fee.  You will be charged your yearly fee for your Unique Personnel Digital ID from Cardbrella.

3. How do I obtain a Smartphone ID number to participate?

You will be able to download it from your app store (Apple, Google or other app stores) and Cardbrella will charge you and supply the Unique Personnel Digital ID to you.

4. Is there a charge to download the app?

The Cardbrella APP for merchants will be free to all participating consumers.  This will be updated and sent to you when new merchants join.

5. How do I get specific Merchant “icons” on my Smartphone or mobile device application?

You will be able to view a gallery of all participating merchants ICONS from your Smartphone, Tablet or any mobile device.  You select those merchants with whom you wish to participate and download them on your dashboard, once the merchant ICONS are on your device, you click on the merchant you desire and it redirected you to that specific merchant web platform to view all weekly, or daily specials, coupons etc., that are offered to all.  If you wish to join that particulate merchants program you fill out the form the merchant has posted.

The other option is without joining a specific merchant’s rewards program you can use your Cardbrella Reward Unique Personnel ID and just receive the discounts at checkout or on their E-Commerce platform.

6. Is the Cardbrella system able to link my card ID to my credit card or banking card, or mobile payment?

Yes- If the participating merchant has the capability in their system, and the merchant wants to offers this to the consumer you can have this done. It will be on a merchant-by-merchant basis. You will have to password protect your credit information this in their system, so basically you have an electronic wallet inside your favorite merchant system.

7. For mobile payments?

You would have to first choose which payment system or systems you would want on your dashboard (examples but not limited to the following:  Apple Pay, Soft card, Pay Pal, ETC.,)and then download the payments system ICON or ICON’s you choose onto you smartphone or mobile device, that would be between you and the payment provider.  This is not done by Cardbrella Rewards but it is the vision of all cards under one umbrella.

Cardbrella Rewards LLC may in the future offer their own payment systems to all consumers that are members of this rewards program; it first needs to be accepted by the participating merchants as another payment option.  It is our vision that there will be multiple digital payment systems accepted by the merchants as this is definitely the future for payments.

Merchant/Manufactures Questions

1. Why would I want to participate as a merchant in this program?

This is a unique system that allows the consumer to participate in various programs using only one card a Unique Personnel Digital ID, instead of carrying multiple cards for each merchant, to receive their rewards/bonus points. This is a fee-based system in which the consumer knows the merchants have the option to charge an ancillary fee per transaction to participate. The consumer is willing to pay this fee to eliminate the need to carry many different cards. This fee allows the merchant to offset any small increase in cost of doing business. Also with the big surge in E-Commence the consumer can also use their Unique Personnel Digital ID when purchasing products on line by simply entering their Unique Personnel Digital ID into the merchants system during purchasing if it is not on file already.  This Unique Id will be simple for the consumer to remember.

The Merchant will use their brand name in front of the Cardbrella Rewards for their brand recognition.

Example:  UNLCE’S Cardbrella Rewards

2. What is the benefit for the merchant or Manufactures?

The merchant will not have to print and distribute weekly flyers or coupons as the consumer can request, in real time, notification of sales, weekly specials, coupons, etc., from whatever merchant or merchants they choose if they give that merchant or manufacture their personnel contact information, and Cardbrella is not responsible if they sell your information.  The merchant maintains their own web platform. The consumer only has to hit the ICON on the Smartphone, Tablet or mobile device to get redirected to the merchant web page. Not printing and distributing these hard-copy flyers is a cost savings for the merchant, and it is a win for all involved as it is environmentally friendly, promoting the green concept. Most importantly, there is the potential to grow your business with your exposure to all potential consumers that are participating.

3. What about Advertising?

In the near future printed newspapers will be obsolete. The world is changing to digital and the Cardbrella system is the future, and the way in which you will reach all consumers. Change is sometimes difficult to accept; however this is the trend for the future, as the consumer picks and chooses what advertising they wish to receive in real time. This also helps merchants manage weekly specials, as they can coordinate reducing inventories they wish to sell during any particular day or week instead of planning these flyers weeks in advance.

The merchant will soon be doing most of their advertising digitally on mobile devices as most consumer desire this form of advertising

4. What about Manufacturer’s coupons?

Merchants, manufactures and the card company will collaborate to get manufacturer’s coupons digitally transmitted to all participating merchant’s computers so they can be electronically redeemed and processed to the Unique Personnel Digital ID number of the consumer. This eliminates the need to handle hardcopy coupons, and is a cost savings for the merchant who has employees manually processing and sending coupons to clearinghouses for redemption.

5. How is transition of individual merchant cards to the Cardbrella Rewards handled?

Merchants determine the length of time they wish to accept both their card system and the Cardbrella Unique Personnel Digital ID in their system before transferring all consumer members to the Cardbrella ID. Individual merchants will determine if they would want to charge a slight administrative fee to each consumer to transfer all of their points to Cardbrella, but it should be done free and transparent which is the vision of Cardbrella.