Merchant Portal

Merchant Benefits:

  • Merchants will use their brand name in front of the Cardbrella Rewards™ name giving them their brand name recognition
  • Most consumers today are E-commerce shoppers and using their personnel digital ID number that they can remember, they can easy sign up online for any rewards program or use their unique ID number to just receive the discount for the time of purchase without joining that merchant rewards program .
  • Creates an instantaneous e-Reward Card. Eliminates the cost and time of producing, distributing and mailing the physical card. If the consumers want to join your program they can by giving you their personnel information or they can just choose to get the discounts that are available at the time of purchase.
  • It increases your marketing visibility by putting you in the app that all consumers want to use for their rewards shopping, because it’s easy, fun and efficient.
  • Also increases your marketing outreach to Smart-Phone, Tablet, and PC users.
  • Allows you to send your consumers reward “reminders” that will bring them to you for additional purchases. (Don’t let their rewards expire. If you do, you’ve lost an opportunity to sell them more!)
  • Reduces cost for printing and mailing advertising. You will send cost-effective email advertising only to those you know are interested (targeted advertising).
  • It turns the consumers into “smart shoppers” who redeem and buy in real-time, right now because they can.
  • A merchant can continue to use their existing card and at the same time offer a revenue generating Cardbrella Rewards Card.

In summary, this system is environmentally friendly, will reduce your operating costs and will grow your business.

“Start experiencing the benefits of Cardbrella merchant membership!”