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It seems that every airline, hotel, rental car agency, pharmacy, grocery store, restaurant, sporting goods store, etc. has their own rewards card these days. As a frequent domestic and international business traveler, I have accumulated hundreds of these bonus and rewards cards.

I have so many that I am not able to fit them all in my wallet. There are many I might have used more but have only used a few times or so. So out of that frustration I asked the simple question

“Why not have one card that does it all?”

I envisioned a fee-based program, where consumer is charge yearly fee (only a few pennies a day) to belong in a one-card program, eliminating the need for the cardholder to carry multiple cards in their wallet. The consumer will be issued a Unique Personnel Digital ID Number that is easy to remember.

But the best news is that this is a win-win proposition, not only great for the consumer, but a tremendous opportunity for merchants as well. We make it easy for consumers to find and join rewards programs that are of interest to them, providing member merchants with a new supply of qualified potential customers.  The consumer will be able to download the merchants they choose ICON onto their mobile device and click on the ICON for that merchant and it will redirect you to the merchants web site.

Please scan our web site – we think you will find it enlightening as you explore Cardbrella’s benefits for you.

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Alex Paterson

Founder, President & CEO

Cardbrella Rewards, LLC