Why Cardbrella

Why Cardbrella?

The Unredeemable Rewards Card Nightmare How many rewards cards do you have in your wallet? Or in some drawer?

Or lost under the seat of your car? How many of your rewards have expired because you just can’t keep track of those pesky expiration dates?

How many opportune sales have you missed out on that could have piggy backed on your rewards savings?

Let’s Dream Better

Imagine app’s  that allows you to shop, collect, and cash in rewards and sales on any vendor in the universe, all from a single dashboard, all instantly available from any mobile device, any Tablet or any computer. Now imagine being able to sign up for and collect your rewards from merchants you choose with a few simple clicks, saving you the hassle of having to play detective on the internet and giving out your personnel contact information if you only want to receive the discounts instead of participating in other merchants programs.  All participating merchants will honor your rewards  unique personnel ID number.

How fast can YOU cash in on savings with that? But wait, I’m not done! What if you could organize your favorite vendors by your own self defined category? Imagine being able to request from any participating merchant real-time notifications on their current specials, coupons or upcoming events.

Now what if I told you that some of your merchants liked you so much that they were sending you reminders about your expiration dates and notifying you so you could always cash in on your rewards?

You will become a smarter shopper as your merchant delivers you pertinent information in real time.

  • No more waiting for your reward card in the mail.
  • No more bulging wallet.
  • No more unredeemed rewards
  • No need to carry several rewards cards with you to receive the merchant’s discount.


We don’t just create a premium shopping experience. We also build a premium security process. You will only provide your personal information to those merchants and applications requested by you. We do not use or sell any of your personal information. Please note that privacy policies may vary by merchant.


Download the Cardbrella APP’s

  • for merchants

  • Your unique personnel digital ID number you can remember easily on any mobile device

And make the dream come true!